Master’s in Social Work Degree Programs in Rhode Island

Graduates of accredited social work degree programs in Rhode Island can work for hospitals, government agencies and in a host of other potions. Though many people think that social workers simple investigate claims of child abuse, they also work with victims of domestic violence, sick and ill patients and with those who are homeless and face other problems. Not only do they offer support in the form of help and resources, but they can also file claims and investigate potential issues. Though Rhode Island is very small, this northeastern state is home to a good Master of Social Work program.

Rhode Island College

School of Social Work

Established in 1857, Rhode Island College is a small public college with an enrollment of around 9,000 undergrads and graduate students. The five colleges that operate within this school offer more than 120 degree programs for students at all levels. Though founded as a normal school, it later became a teaching college and then a full college. Sometimes called RIC, it has a School of Social Work that offers both an undergrad and a graduate program in social work. These programs help students get the basic training and knowledge that they need to work in the field and allow them to specialize their degrees too.

Master of Social Work

The only accredited social work degree program in Rhode Island for graduate students that does not take place online is the Master of Social Work (MSW) program that RIC offers. Students can enroll in the full-time program or the part-time program. The college also offers an advanced standing option for students who have a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Full-time students complete a foundation year and an advanced year, while advanced standing students only do the second year. Part-time students will spread their work out over the course of three or even four years. Once students complete all their general requirements, they will pick a concentration in either macro practice or clinical practice. The RIC program features electives and required courses, including Social Work Research and Evaluation and Human Behavior, Diversity and Oppression. Rhode Island College also asks MSW students to do fieldwork. They will complete one practicum in the traditional program and two practicums in the advanced standing program.


  • Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)


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Becoming a social worker with just an undergrad degree is possible, but many employers in the northeast and other parts of the country prefer hiring those with an MSW degree. Accredited social work degree programs in Rhode Island allow students to study all areas of social work and improve their skills.