What Does a Social Work Administrator Do?

Social Work Administrator Responsibilities

The social work field is a vital field that works to advocate for a variety of individuals, and those exploring this area may ask what does a social administrator do? Social work administrators work behind the scenes, supervising a particular aspect of a social work entity, such as the activities of a group of social workers or tracking case files. They work at the macro level to ensure the smooth operation of social work organizations. They work in a variety of settings. This profession features a positive job outlook and competitive salary.

What Does a Social Work Administrator Do?

Social work administrators play a major role in the effective operation of social work organizations and social service programs. They plan, supervise, and coordinate activities to determine where programs needed and what services are essential to meet the needs of the community. They set up committees to create programs and assign staff to make sure smoother operation. They make sure all programs are adhering by the established bylaws and maintain methods of ensuring programs stay within budget. Many social work administrators are responsible for maintaining and overseeing policies and budgets. They track and evaluate expenses and work with the established budgets of organizations. They assess issues with program spending and document budgets on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Social work administrators strive to improve the quality and access to services for individuals, groups and populations. They commonly evaluate communities and identify people that need support. They direct fundraisers and related activities, write proposals and grants, evaluate tax forms, and report specific findings to regulatory entities. Social work administrators commonly direct and supervise other professionals, including social workers, probation officers, and counselors. They delegate tasks to make sure all duties are accomplished. They assign specific tasks to professionals who work directly with people and create timelines for fulfillment. Social work administrators assist with the case loads of social workers. They help enter the information obtained on individuals, groups, and families, and assist with the redistribution of duties so that social workers can spend adequate time with their clients.

Work Environment for Social Work Administrators

Social work administrators work in a wide array of settings. The largest group of these professionals work with individuals and families in counseling and therapy settings. They help social workers who work with clients experiencing physical, mental, emotional, and social issues as related to everyday function. They often work in organizations that help parents establish safe living environments for their children and with families overcoming socioeconomic issues. Social work administrators also work in the education field where they provide services to children and instructors in various settings. Many social work administrators work in the medical field to make sure disadvantaged individuals are provided services that help meet their needs. Often times in the medical field, social work administrators act as advocates for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Social work administrators may work in vocational settings, rehabilitation facilities, or temporary housing where they supervise other professionals to meet the needs of clients to help them return to a better quality of life as fast as possible.

Job Outlook and Salary of Social Work Administrators

As stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of social and community service managers, which includes social work administrators, is expected to rise 18 percent by the year 2016. This growth rate is deemed much faster than average for all professions. Majority of the job growth is due to the aging population. The median yearly pay for social and community service managers was $64,100.

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Working as a social work administrator is ideal for experienced social work professionals seeking to make a difference in the lives of various individuals and populations. Those inquiring about what does a social work administrator do should gain a solid understanding of the professional to ensure it is the right fit for their interests and career goals.