Top 10 iPhone Apps for Social Workers

Social work involves helping people in the community in a great variety of capacities. It also involves the need for a lot of real-time, reliable access to information. Mobile apps are often great for exactly this. Here’s our list of the top 10 iPhone apps for today’s on-the-go social worker.



camscanner for iphone

1. CamScanner Free

Ever find yourself visiting a client in their home and have a need to obtain a copy of an important document? For the social worker who finds themselves out of the office more than in, CamScanner is a must-have app. The app works with your phone’s camera to take photos and convert them right into into PDFs.



federal rules for iphone

2. Federal Rules of Evidence (FREvidence)

FRE, or Federal Rules of Evidence is a legal publication made available to public service workers as a guide to evidence maintenance and mandates. This app not only entirely replaces the healthy, physical book version, but also provides remarkable quick references and share capabilities.



how would you feel for iphone

3. How Would You Feel If … Fun Deck

This app is based on social skills and social interaction. Users are provided digital “flash cards”, each outlining a particular scenario. Make a choice for each scenario and at the end, the app grades the answers. The colorful animations and specifics in scenarios make this app a great educational tool for children and teens.



nci quit for iphone

4. NCI QuitPal

The NCI QuitPal is an amazingly intricate app for use in smoking cessation efforts. Users of this app can create quit dates and a schedule, record and track progress, seek immediate advice, access volumes of relevant data, and much, much more. It doesn’t get much better than this for free.



my pain diary for iphone

5. My Pain Diary: Chronic Pain Management

If there was ever an app to have the potential to make real differences in lives, it’s My Pain Diary. This app is a very user-friendly tracking app. Users can track pain, symptoms, improvements, medications, and more with this smart, medical, electronic diary.



my pain diary for iphone

6. depressioncheck

The depressioncheck app is, simply put, a screening tool for depression, bipolar, anxiety disorders, and other such psychological conditions. Testing can take place in as little as three minutes, and the results are industry proven and reliable.



behavior tracker for iphone

7. Behavior Tracker Pro

Behavior Tracker Pro is an app mainly geared toward childhood autism, but also holds value with other pediatric psychological concerns. Users can track and share child behaviors via several methods including video, and in return, be provided with expert consultation and a team effort in helping the child.



social work masters for iphone

8. Social Work Master’s Exam Prep

There may be no better way to prepare for such an important exam than by going through simulated exams of the same type. This app does just this as well as provide other valuable and relevant means of study.


touch and learn for iphone

9. Touch and Learn – Emotions

Touch and Learn – Emotions is designed specifically to help children understand body language and facial expressions. With the app, the child can look at different images and pick an answer based on the question of present emotion. The overall learning experience is designed to perform like an enjoyable, children’s game.



category therappy for iphone

10. Category TherAppy

Categorization skills are a valuable part of the human psyche. Category TherAppy by Tactus Therapy Solutions is a specially designed teaching and therapy app for those with conditions that make categorization difficult. Those in special education, stroke recovery, or accident recovery can greatly benefit.