Top 10 Ipad Apps for Social Workers

Nearly every profession today can benefit from the use of iPad and iPhone apps and each year there are new, specialized apps to help individuals in a variety of industries. For social workers, there are a number of apps that may be used to enhance the quality of care offered to patients, children, students, or any type of individual who might benefit from assistance with daily life tasks and learning about social norms.



the social express for ipad

1. The Social Express

Children who may have trouble fitting into their social circles may need individual help to learn how to act around their peers and interact with friends. The Social Express is a powerful app for such assistance. Classes and lessons that deal with socialization may be healthily augmented with this valuable app.



fluid monkey for ipad

2. Fluid Monkey

It seems that anxiety and pressure are part of everyone’s life these days, and there is a terrific app called Fluid Monkey, which was designed to help enhance levels of relaxation through a beautifully serene interface. Users can push around small puddles of liquid on their iPad’s screen as a way to relax a stressed mind.



unstuck for ipad

3. Unstuck

Personal growth comes from decision making, goal setting, and planning, but not everyone can accomplish these goals without help. Unstuck is a helpful iPad app that allows users to work with digital tools that are designed to help plans come to fruition and to assist in enhancing motivation to work and better one’s self.



ptsd for ipad

4. PTSD Coach

Offered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, PTSD Coach is an app designed for current and past members of the military who may be experiencing difficulty and stress in daily life. The app offers various tools designed for self assessment, learning, management of symptoms, and locating support for tough situations.



everydayskills for ipad

5. Everyday Skills

Living an independent and successful life can be difficult for some people with special needs, but with the Everyday Skills app, learning how to conquer daily tasks and projects becomes easier. A modifiable interface ensures that users can tailor this app to their own needs and get help with topics like getting ready for school or going to the doctor’s office.



model me for ipad

6. Model Me Going Places 2

A valuable app that allows parents, educators, or social workers to assist children with lessons on how to approach various social situations is Model Me Going Places 2, which offers easy graphics and straightforward information about social interactions.



social work masters for ipad

7. Social Work Master’s Exam Prep

Education and licensing are vital for any social worker, and one of the tests required of study in that industry is the ASWB Master’s Level Social Work Licensing Exam. With Social Work Master’s Exam Prep, study for that test is made easier through extensive practice exams and broad study guides.



behavior breakthroughs for ipad

8. Behavior Breakthroughs

It’s crucial to study a child’s behavior for signs of developmental problems so that the child can be offered effective lessons on socialization, especially if he or she has trouble interacting with peers. With the Behavior Breakthrough app, social workers and teachers can identify behavior issues, which may assist in developing socialization strategies.



pocket expense for ipad

9. Pocket Expense Personal Finance – Account Tracker, Budget Planner & Bills

One of the valuable life skills for every person to learn is being able to budget life costs properly, and with the Pocket Expense Personal Finance app, users can learn how various financial decisions each day may impact their budget. Keeping track of many different accounts, like credit cards and bank accounts, is made easier with this app.



spaced retrieval for ipad

10. Spaced Retrieval TherAppy

Challenging the mind and playing games to improve one’s ability to retain and remember things like facts, dates, and routines is critical and with Spaced Retrieval TherAppy, users will be able to improve their mind’s aptitude. The app is also an indispensable tool for reducing the impact of memory issues related to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.