5 Unique Places I Can Work with a Master in Social Work Degree

5 Unique Places I Can Work with a Master in Social Work Degree

  • Government and Non-Profit Public Policy Agencies
  • High Level Administration Offices
  • Research Institutions
  • Environmental Health Agencies
  • Private Practice

Social work is one of those career fields that truly allows a person to change lives. Earning a master in social work opens opportunities to change entire systems, discover brand knew knowledge, and enjoy greater professional freedom. Here are five unique places you can work with a master in social work degree.

Government and Non-Profit Public Policy Agencies

If you are the type of person who is constantly frustrated with current social policies, and if you find yourself consistently coming up with more fair and efficient policies, a master in social work can lead you to a career at a government or non-profit public policy agency. Social workers in these workplaces participate in public policy change in a wide variety of ways. Some educate politicians and legislators. Some write public policy proposals. Some work with community agencies to implement new public policy.

High Level Administration Offices

If you are a natural leader who loves to manage teams and projects, you would enjoy conducting social work at the administrative level. Social workers in this capacity work with community institutions that serve people, such as schools, hospitals, and military organizations. They work directly with institutional administrators to ensure best practices for all consumers, implement equity where needed, write grants and fundraise, properly allocate budgets, and develop new programs. This role is great for creative individuals who love to multitask and are passionate about a particular area.

Research Institutions

If you are the type of person who thrives on finding answers and solutions, you would enjoy social work research. Social work researchers are employed by colleges and universities, as well as public and private research institutions. They design and implement a wide variety of research studies to gain better understand existing social problems and experimentally investigate the effectiveness of cutting edge methods for solving them. Some social work researchers focus on one particular area for their entire careers, while the specializations of others evolve dynamically.

Environmental Health Agencies

Recently, social workers have begun to get professionally involved in the environmental health field. They teach people and communities about the importance of environmental health and the impact that poor environmental health has at both individual and systemic levels. They oversee environmental health inspections, and brainstorm ways to address problems. They therefore work closely with public policy social workers and social work researchers.

Private Practice

Perhaps the most unique place you can work with a master in social work degree is your own home or office. All social workers have the option to set up private practices, and those with a master degree will be able to get more clients and tackle a larger diversity of issues. They can independently contract to perform any of the aforementioned roles, or they can work with private clients to do more traditional social work. This consists of helping individuals and families improve their lives by accessing and utilizing social programs, including employment, education, nutrition, and physical and mental health. As this can be a daunting task, the National Association of Social Workers provides a guide for starting a private practice.

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Any level of social work degree will lead to a successful and rewarding career. Taking your academic career to the masters level will provide additional diversity and earning potential. These five unique workplaces ensure personal and professional fulfillment for social workers of every interest and work style.