5 Things Every Certified Care Manager Should Know

It took awhile to search for the five things every certified manager should know. I felt like I was searching in the dark and groping for answers long before the answer were made available with a simple search of the Internet, so I did a lot of reading into the topic. Some of the books I finished quickly were helpful like The One Minute Manager, which was an autobiography by Lee Lacocca, and I read a book called In Search of Excellence.They were both enlightening and excellent. Unfortunately, they did not help with my main problem. I was looking for something more in the economic trenches, so I made many screw ups along the way. Those books were great and entertaining. Unfortunately, they did not help with my problems in their totality. The only way through would be to get in the trenches, evaluate blunders and never repeat them and learn through trial and error. These are the five things every certified care manager should know.

Create an Atmosphere of Authority Without Coming on Too Strong

This the first of the five things every certified manager should know. Create an atmosphere of balance because it will be the key to managing properly. People should be listening to you, but be careful about maintaining balance. You must have people give you their undivided attention. More often than not, when managers get this initial taste of power, they tend to become more intense. The employees will pick up on it too, but being overzealous gives way to tendencies like being over-assertive. This among other flaws resulting in the power can breed resentment, It is crucial the roots of resentment do not blossom, so take this step quickly but with respect. Mutual respect is the result of respect and balance.

Do Not Try to Be a Friend to the People Under You

This is the other end of the equation about balance. Be careful not to give into the natural compulsion trying to be liked too much by everyone. It is not possible to be on the level of friend with another member of the crew like in college. It risks you not being able to take control in a precarious situation, which calls for corrective action. Earn the respect of those under you, and you should show them the respect of someone who outranks them.

Your True Friends Are Clear Employee Objectives

One of the five great conferences of HR professionals is to make sure the people under your employee are crystal clear. This especially holds true here. Objectives that are cleared, agreed on and measurable will make for a reliable ally. When there are uncertainties and conflicts beginning to rise as the seem to always do, it is invaluable to planned and carefully considered objectives to guide you through the problem.

Create an Environment Where Open Communication Is Encouraged and Valuable

This statement may appear to some reading to be too basic, but for people who worked, they can back it up. Being simple and basic is not always the case. Open communication breeds trust, which will encourage engagement. It is paramount to set the proper tone at the outset because it is important to see how employees engage. Trust tends to breed engagement, so the tone used is just as critical because the right tone will encourage employees to trust and engage more. You have to be there to monitor because the idea is to cultivate everything positive and weed out chaos and responses from employees who overstep comfort and become too familiar.

You Will Need Help Often, so Do Not Fear Asking for It

Management is complicated at nearly every level of its complex infrastructure. If it were not, then there would be massive national employee disengagement rates and expensive annual lost productivity figures. The backdrop tells everyone management is becoming increasingly challenging and illustrating the problems everyone seems to have. This points to the Gallup poll highlighting 70% disengagements rates. That backdrop is the perfect illustration of managements inherent challenges.

The are the five things every certified manager should know, and it is complete with stats and added information. These lessons can be applied to many fields. Once managers study and utilize their strength following the implementation of these five lessons, they should see a new and efficient business.

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