5 Key Terms Every Social Work Care Manager Should Know

Key Terms For Social Work Care Managers

  • Core Social Work Values
  • Cultural Competence
  • Informed Consent
  • Single-System Design
  • Target System

If you have decided to pursue a career in social care management, you need to know that there are several key terms every social work care manager should know. While these terms are many and varied, you will find five of the most common of them described briefly below. By learning what these terms are and what they mean, you can gain a better understanding of your role in this exciting and rewarding field.

Core Social Work Values

One of the most important social work care terms you will need to know if you choose this occupation is core social work values. Core values are essential to the effectiveness of social work and include such things as providing excellent service to the public, working to eliminate social injustice, showing compassion and empathy to clients, improving family and community relationships, and acting with both honesty and integrity at all times.

Cultural Competence

Another term that every social work care manager should know is cultural competence. As a manger in social work, you will likely work closely with a large variety of persons from different backgrounds, socio-economic groups, and cultures. Because of this, it is essential that you learn about the relationship between your clients’ identities and their cultural beliefs and practices. Understanding differences between cultures will help you communicate with your clients as well.

Informed Consent

According to NASW, informed consent means that social work care professionals must inform their clients about any processes that may be used in their cases, and the pros and cons of these processes. It also means that social workers must obtain permission from their clients before beginning any type of interventions, performing follow-ups, or conducting any form of research.

Single-System Design

Single-system design is another term social work care managers should know. Essentially, single-system designs consist of various methods used to monitor the effectiveness of interventions and to determine whether or not assigned interventions need to be altered. Research in this area is usually focused on just one client; however, the client can be an individual person, an organization, or a particular community of persons.

Target System

Finally, another social work care term you will need to know as a social work care manager is target system. Depending on where you choose to work as a social care professional, you may find yourself interacting with individuals and families, businesses, school systems, or entire communities. Target system is a term that refers to the types of persons or groups of persons to whom a social work care manager is assigned to help.

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If you have decided to become a social work care manager, you have made a wonderful choice! Not only are these careers highly rewarding but they provide excellent salaries as well. However, before you begin your new career, there are several key terms that every social work care manager should know, and five of them are described in the sections above.