5 Jobs for Those With a Bachelor’s in Social Work

Jobs with a Bachelors in Social Work

• Case Manager

• Child and Family Social Worker

• Substance Abuse Counselor

• Healthcare Social Workers

• Alternative Careers

There are many rewarding jobs for those with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree. The bachelor’s level social work degree may be used for entry-level positions in areas such as public health, child welfare, family services and substance abuse or may be used as a stepping stone towards a master’s degree in social work. Regardless of the ultimate career goal, the BSW graduate is qualified for both social work careers and alternative careers. Here are 5 jobs for those with a Bachelor’s in Social Work.

Case Manager

Case managers generally work in the Department of Social Services. They may provide important services to clients such as help obtaining insurance or food benefits, transportation, housing assistance or clothing when needed. They generally work as liaisons between the client and other professionals who are involved in the client’s case, such as psychologists, nurses, doctors or government workers. Case managers often work with chronically ill patients, homeless individuals, hospice patients, substance abusers and clients with developmental disabilities. Case managers earned an average annual salary of $76,113, according to a May 2018 report by Salary.com. Wages for all social workers vary be education, training, experience, type of social work and geographic location.

Child and Family Social Worker

Child, family or school social workers provide help to vulnerable, needy, neglected or abused children and their families. They often work for government agencies, such as child protective services, and work in situations where they suspect children may be neglected or victims of psychological, emotional or physical abuse. They may also intervene if the child is in a home where there is substance abuse. These social workers also work in schools and community centers. In these settings, the social worker may assist with adoptions or work with issues such as finding foster homes or assisting families in obtaining necessary benefits. Child, family or school social workers earned an average annual salary of $55,498 as of May 2018.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Substance abuse counseling is yet another great career someone can get with a Bachelor’s in Social Work. This career can be challenging yet very rewarding. These counselors providing group and individual counselors to patients suffering from addictions. Depending on the employment setting, the counselor may oversee education programs, provide counseling to family members or assist with urine tests. Substance abuse counselors may work in mental health clinics, out- or in-patient substance abuse centers, community centers and hospitals. Depending on the state, the substance abuse counselor may be required to obtain certification. Some counselors choose to further their education and get certifications in alcohol and substance abuse counseling. Substance abuse counselors earned about 50,000 as of May 2018.

Healthcare Social Workers

Healthcare social workers provide many services to those in need, including counseling patients and caregivers, providing psycho-social support to terminally ill patients, or developing at-home care services. Healthcare social workers are expected to experience excellent job growth because they are very much in demand due to the aging population’s need for good healthcare. These social workers may work in hospitals, nursing homes, family services agencies and for local government agencies. They may also choose to specialize in a specific area such as gerontology or geriatrics. Healthcare social workers earned an average annual salary of $60,447 as of May 2018.

Alternative Careers

Many graduates of social work bachelor’s programs want to work in human services but may not wish to have such a clinical or medical role. In these cases, the individual may choose alternative careers in social work. These may include working as a teacher’s assistant or academic advisor at a school or working as a communication specialist, editor or writer for a communications company. Another alternative career a social worker might choose in the area of business is as customer service recruiter or community liaison officer. Although many of these careers are possible with a bachelor’s in social work, the actual requirements and salary potentials can vary greatly from career to career.

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Social workers can expect an overall employment growth of 16 percent between 2016 and 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The demand for social workers varies by specialization. For instance, mental health and substance abuse social workers may see a 19 percent job growth while child, family and school social workers should see a 14 percent growth. Regardless of the type of social work chosen, there are very good jobs for those with a Bachelor’s in Social Work.