5 High Paying Careers in Social Work

Many people covet social work because it has some of the high paying jobs. Some take it as a deeply personal affair. They desire to improve their lives while contributing to the well-being of others. A career in social work is promising. Social work is the fourth most preferred job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has also predicted a 12-percent employment growth for social workers. These figures are clear indicators of how a career in social work can sustain you financially. Here are top five highest paying social work careers.

School Counselors

School counselors are often involved in social work. They work directly with children in community schools and other educational establishments. Their main goal is to ensure that the children develop and maintain a good mental health and personal well-being throughout their educational journey. Counselors work closely with children who have learning and development delays. They help them develop a new set of skills to enhance their social and learning skills. A school counselor earns an average salary of $53,660 per year. The highest paid counselor makes $87,640 while the lowest gets $32,280. Those who earn the best salaries work in metropolitan areas.

Healthcare Social Workers

Healthcare professionals specialize in providing people with social and psychological support. Most of the support systems are geared towards helping individuals cope with acute and chronic illnesses. They help people access healthcare and teach them how they can manage their conditions well. The goal is to enable these people to achieve an optimal health so that they can function in a normal way. A social health care worker earns an average salary of $54,020 per year. This translates to $25.97 per hour. The highest-paid worker goes home with $77,880 while the lowest gets $32,190. About 45 percent of healthcare social workers are situated in general medical and surgical hospitals. Others are located in family service outlets, nursing homes and outpatient centers.

Community Service Managers

Community service managers organize and supervise social service programs within a given neighborhood. They are responsible for managing the staff that provides social services to people living in that area. Most of them work for non-profit organizations and service companies. The average salary of a community service manager is $63,530. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate of service managers is expected to grow by 10 percent between 2014 and 2024.

Social Work Teachers

Social work teachers are mainly found in tertiary institutions. They supervise the academic activities of students who study social work. The activities may include fieldwork, research, internships, teaching exercises and laboratory work. Social work teachers are also tasked with evaluating the students on a regular basis to determine whether they have understood the important concepts of in their course. A social work teacher gets an average salary of $69,030 per year. Those who earn the lowest get an average of $32,130 while the highest-paid earn $113,670. Most social work teachers are located in colleges and universities.

Speech Pathologists

The main role of a speech pathologist is to diagnose and correct speech disorders. They create individual treatment plans that are designed to enhance the speech of their patients. Speech pathologists help children, teenagers and even adults. They also work with victims of stroke and brain injuries. Speech pathologists earn an average salary of $73,410 in a year. The highest-paid earns $114,840 while the lowest $46,000. Pathologists who work in hospital establishments earn more than those in schools. Speech pathologists make a fairly good living when compared with those working in other high paying careers.

A career in social work is a good choice for those who want to interact with people and make a positive impact on their life. The prospects are high, and the job environment is generally conducive. As you prepare yourself for the life after college, consider these five high paying careers in social work.

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