5 Great Schools for a Social Work Degree

Social work is a discipline involving social theory work, non-profit education, and behavioral theories to help improve the lives of groups of people. Social workers often work for hospitals, community centers, for the State, or other groups that help people. Social workers may work to help provide therapy and aid to underprivileged groups, people with disabilities, people who have suffered abuse, or other groups of people that may be in need. A Bachelor’s degree in social work is often the minimum requirement to begin work as a social worker, but a Master’s degree can be required if the work is highly advanced. Help in deciding the list below was found at Grad News.

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI

The University of Michigan offers an excellent social work program with dual degree options available. Their program offers a variety of focuses including interpersonal practice, community organizations, management of human services, and social policy and evaluation. The program can be even further defined and adjusted with practice area focuses of aging in families, children and youth, community and social systems, health, and mental health. This is an excellent program that offers a variety of customization options all taught at the renowned University of Michigan.

Washington University, St. Louis, MO

The George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, MO offers one of the leading social work programs in the United States. They have a Master and Ph.D. program for Social work as well as Post-Doctoral training and professional development programs offered. They offer a flexible school schedule so that research opportunities, careers, and other obligations can occur while simultaneously achieving the degree.

University of California – Berkeley, CA

The Social Welfare program can be completed at the Bachelor’s or Master’s level at Berkeley. Concurrent degrees in Public Health or Public Policy can also be selected to combine with the Social Welfare program. The program has been in place since 1942 to offer students the chance to learn and develop their social welfare skills. This program has a heavy foundation in the liberal arts to help offer a broad understanding of social problems in America.

University of Chicago – Chicago, IL

The Master’s program in social work equally prepares the applicant for clinical social work as well as for a career in social administration. This program is highly regarded for its unique ability to place the students in their first year in organizations that need their skills in Chicago. This provides real-life experiences for the student to learn from and ask their professors about as well as contributing to class discussions.

Columbia University – New York, New York

Columbia University offers one of two social work programs at an Ivy League school in the nation. They also hold the title of being the oldest social work program offered in an institute of higher learning. The Master’s program here can be completed online which many prospective students find appealing due to the ease of scheduling. Columbia University’s social work program relies heavily on field education, or the opportunity to be placed in a setting in New York that has need of social workers. These experiences help hone their skills, present them with new problems and push their limits as students and professionals.

Social work can be considered a difficult field to work in. Yet, overwhelmingly the students and professionals that are social workers speak of the incredible rewarding opportunities that their work brings them. With excellent schooling those opportunities are that much closer to achieving.

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