5 Great Podcasts for Social Workers

Social work is a large industry with plenty of opportunity, but also plenty of stress. As a social worker, it is important to find outlets for information and like minded folks who can offer suggestions and ideas to improve their work. One emerging technology that is becoming more popular is Podcasts. This allows for any person to access recordings that discuss topics of interest to them, whether for leisure or for personal development. Social work is one of many areas covered in podcasts, but with so many options in this modern technological world, it can be hard to track them all down and find the best ones. To save time, here is a list of 5 great podcasts for Social Workers.


inSocialWork is a podcast run by the University of Buffalo School of social work. All of the episodes revolve around the general topic of social work, but specific episodes delve into topics that are more tailored areas of social work. Their goal is to continue education through life, whether to someone who is just getting started or someone with decades of working experience.

The Social Work Podcast

The focus of The Social Work Podcast is broad in topics related in social work as well. They bring in experts in the field from around the world to discuss theories in social work as well as the implementation of social work practices. They also pull in the drier policy portion of the field and put a spin on it that makes it more interesting.

Psychology in Seattle

Psychology in Seattle also follows an educative tilt and covers the broad topics of social work through the podcast. The twist is that they are able to do this all with an entertaining tone so as to not alienate the audience. This is a bit of a departure from others on this list but has a dedicated following and they often cover topics aside from psychology.

Social World Podcast

In The Social World, the highest quality is delivered. That isn’t a surprise once you know it is run by David Niven, the former Chair of the British Association of Social Workers. The focus is on the impact of modern influences on social work, such as social media and also more traditional media. Furthermore, they cover many topics, but they tend to look at individual cases in order to better put the topics into perspective.


Podsocs takes the podcast format and brings it to those involved in social work in a way that makes sense to them. It is known to be good for social workers on the road, and was created by an expert in the field. Her name is Patricia Fronek, a senior lecturer at Griffith University. She is also the President of the Australia and New Zealand Social Work and Welfare Education and Research. Not a bad source for continued education.

Though these are strong choices, there are many others out there to discover. Resources, such as the National Association of Social Workers, or Social Work Today Magazine cover a range of topics and are excellent outlets in their own rights, but can also lead to more discoveries. The most important factor as a Social Work is to find what is effective and efficient in the process and what leads to learning.

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