5 Great Opportunities for Students Seeking a Master of Social Work Degree

Now that you’ve chosen your career path, take a look at these 5 great Internships for Master of Social Work Students. An internship provides an immense experience in a professional setting that can serve as a stepping-stone to a rewarding future. Yours is a unique profession with the ability to affect change in the lives of thousands of people in need.

1. Loyola University Chicago, IL


All students in the Master of Social Work program must accomplish two fieldwork internships. At the first level, the student will finish 480 hours in their internship placement, which typically amounts to 16 hours per week. Second level students will complete 720 hours.

The internship will provide students with the basic skills in preparing them for future placements. It exposes the Loyola student to the core competencies of social work.

Loyola’s School of Social Work maintains relationships with many agencies, human services programs and organizations in the Chicago metropolitan area to which the intern may be assigned.

2. USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck Los Angeles, CA


During the first year, students will experience the daily life of a social worker from a hands-on approach. They will observe, begin to assess and interview clients, collaborating with faculty and other interns.

All MSC students must fulfill two years of internship work, totaling 1000 hours. The experience gained in the first year will help best determine their second-year placement.

Second-year interns continue to grow in their abilities to access and assist clients, working 550 hours in their field placement this year. The student will also engage in a forum, documenting ways their mediation can benefit their work, making this internship in the Master of Social Work program a wonderful opportunity.

3. University of Texas – CMHC – Division of Student Affairs Austin, TX

www.cmhc.utexas.edu/sw programs.html

Students pursuing a Master in Social Work through the University of Texas (UT) will be working with the school’s Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC), staffed by licensed professional counselors and other mental health care providers.

Orientation for all interns runs through the month of August. They will participate in a rigorous training schedule of presentations and experiential workshops, and also will have informal activities to help the group become a cohesive team. Interns will receive a small stipend during this orientation training period.

Training occurs through participation in service activities and apprenticeships, with close oversight of the various staff members.

4. Aurora University, Aurora. CO


The time and energy you pour into your internship at Aurora University will result in a positive effect on your career as a social worker. Your initial internship will involve a minimum of 15 hours weekly, with the following year’s requirements at 20 hours per week.

Through your time of internship, you will be challenged and through that grow and develop into a more skilled practitioner as, guided by the faculty of social work, you meet with more clients. Your training will assist you in taking them through the process of achieving wellness in yet another great internship for a student pursuing a Master of Social Work.

5. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO


Great opportunities await Master of Social Work Interns in the Colorado State University system. They will work a minimum of 15-20 hours every week from August 1 until the end of the Spring semester.

Interns will be placed in either the General Services or the DAY (Drugs, Alcohol, and You) track. The General Services track allows students to assist clients with a variety of concerns including eating disorders, anxiety and relationship difficulties. They will evaluate individual patients and group sessions.

DAY track interns offer appraisals and assistance for university students ordered by the courts or who, of their own volition, choose to seek help for their problems.

This information should give you many things to consider as you make plans to further your education and enhance your career opportunities. Best wishes for your success as you continue to explore these 5 great opportunities for students seeking a Master of Social Work.

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