5 Benefits of Joining CSWE

Council on Social Work Education Member Benefits

  • Access to Endless Publications
  • Unlimited Access to Education Resources
  • Use of CSWE Career Center
  • Help Influence Policy
  • Networking in Social Work

The Council on Social Work Education, commonly called CSWE, is a professional association that’s core mission is to advance the quality of social work education programs that are located in the United States. Currently, the association has several different members which include educational programs, practitioners, and educators in the field.

To become a member, an individual would need to fill out an Application for Individual Membership through CSWE. They will ask for contact information, demographic information, volunteer interests, and the membership type. Students will pay $55 and licensed applicants will pay $195. Anyone who joins the CSWE can enjoy the following benefits:

Access to Endless Publications

The council was formed to improve educational programs and also to help professional social workers advance in their careers. One way to do this is to continue to learn even beyond school. Continuing education requirements cover a range of topics, but there are also interesting publications that you can access written by facilitators and administrators with loads of knowledge.

All members can read through submissions in the publications section of the CSWE website. Their can also read archived articles in the Journal of Social Work Education, that are stored in one convenient place. Social workers who write publications and articles themselves can look to propose a submission for recognition.

Unlimited Access to Education Resources

Learning does not stop after grad school. Some social workers learn from being on-the-job, but it’s the professionals who are taking the time to access resources for further education outside of what is mandatory who will have the greatest success. Individuals and faculty members who are looking for help with curriculum development or advancing their knowledge can benefit from the Education Resources section of CSWE.

Use of CSWE Career Center

There are several different platforms that can be used to search for open positions in a specific region. Job seekers could use a job search website, but that creates a hassle when they have to sift through all of the postings to find legitimate opportunities. Members of CWSE have access to the Career Center, where they can find legitimate opportunities in their region.

Help Influence Policy

Part of the mission set by board members of the council is to advocate for social work education. This is being done by conducting research and gathering statistics that can be used by education programs, clinics, and government agencies when shaping social work policies. As a member, you can participate in the Institutional Research staff or simply contribute to the research being done by the Commission on Research.

Networking in Social Work

It’s always been said that it’s best to surround oneself with people who have similar interests and aspirations. Members of the association are all dedicated to advancing education in the field. All members are invited to events and meetings that pertain to the field they have dedicated themselves to. A great way for social workers, directors, policymakers, and social work facilitators to meet and network with one another is to attend these national events.

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Council on Social Work Education memberships each last for one year. After the initial year, members are sent a renewal application and fees are due by April 1st. anyone who would like to access publications, job listings, research initiatives and more can benefit from signing up to join the community. In doing so, professionals are contributing to an association that wants to advance their own careers and the field as a whole. Sign up for a CWSE membership online and take a step in making a public difference.