Master’s in Social Work Degree Programs in Kansas

Those seeking master’s in social work degree programs in Kansas will find a number of accredited, high-quality options. The low-key, friendly state gives students a calm, enjoyable environment in which to earn their MSW degree. As a social work student, you can enjoy a greater variety of coursework while continuing your studies in an urban setting. Tuition in the state is relatively affordable, and the average cost of tuition hovers around $10,000 per year.

Newman University

Graduate Programs

The College of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Newman University prepares students not only for professional growth but also for service to humanity and the community. The programs build on the foundation of undergraduate education, empowering students to achieve professional, ethical, and intellectual success. All of the School’s continuing education and graduate programs emphasize Judeo-Christian values, leadership, and scholarship. Graduate programs are available in theology, nurse anesthesia, education, business administration, and social work, and the school also offers a joint MBA/MSW degree.

Master of Social Work

In order to earn a Master of Social Work degree from Newman University, students must complete 70 credit hours of coursework. Professional foundation courses offered in the first year prepare students with general knowledge of the field of social work, and concentration courses offered in the second year emphasize direct family-centered practice. The foundation-year practicum consists of 16 hours of field practice each week for 27 weeks, and the concentration-year practicum consists of 20 hours per week for 31 weeks. Every course is taught on-campus and lasts for 16 weeks. The courses are a blended format of interactive television, simulations, face-to-face activities, classroom instruction, and field placements in community service organizations. Required courses cover topics such as social policy, human behavior and the social environment, history and philosophy of social work, generalist practice, family-centered policy, family-centered practice, and psychopathology and assessment. In addition to core courses, the field practicum is a critical part of the program as it provides a laboratory for students to show what they’ve learned. A number of placement opportunities are available, including hospice programs, schools, hospitals, and family service agencies.


  • Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)


3100 McCormick St.

Wichita, KS 67213

(316) 942-4291

University of Kansas

School of Social Welfare

The School of Social Welfare at the University of Kansas offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in the field of social work. It is the oldest School of Social Welfare in the state, and the only one to offer social work degrees at all levels. For more than six decades, the SChool has provided innovation and leadership in professional social work education. The distinguished faculty are leading experts in many practice areas, including poverty, criminal justice, spirituality in social work practice, aging, child mental health, child welfare, and mental health. The school prides itself on its accessible faculty and small class sizes, reporting that its graduates are well-equipped to succeed in the field.


The Master of Social Work at the University of Kansas offers education for students who wish to expand their skills in helping communities and individuals. The school recognizes that all individuals who enjoy helping others could succeed in this field. The master’s degree prepares graduates for advanced practice in one of two areas: macro-aimed at macro-level practice or clinical social work practice with groups, families, and individuals. The first level of the degree includes six courses and a two-semester practicum focused on a generalist foundation. At the advanced level, students must choose a social work concentration in a particular field such as aging, health and mental health, or child and family health, or students may opt for social work advocacy practice or administration.


  • Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)


1545 Lilac Ln.

Twente Hall

Lawrence, KS 66045

(785) 864-4720

Washburn University

Social Work Department

The Social Work Department at Washburn University offers small class sizes taught by faculty members with years’ of practical experience. The school assigns a faculty advisor and provides one-on-one attention to ensure that students are succeeding in their studies. Both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs are nationally accredited, and graduates from the a program in the Social Work Department consistently report success in acquiring rewarding jobs in national, regional, and local social service agencies.

Master of Social Work, MSW

The Master of Social Work degree program is designed to prepare graduate students for the competent practice of clinical social work. Students develop the skills and knowledge required to meet the multilevel needs of their clients and the communities they serve. Students do not need a bachelor’s degree in social work in order to be admitted into the program, and general social work classes will be combined with liberal arts components in order to ensure the student is ready for entry into the clinical concentration. After graduation, students are committed and prepared to providing direct clinical social work services to groups, families, and individuals in rural, urban, and inner-city settings. Coursework may include micro- and macro-human behavior, social policy and programs, and qualitative social work research.


  • Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)


Benton Hall, Room 412

1700 SW College Ave.

Topeka, KS 66621

(785) 670-1616

Wichita State University

School of Social Work

Wichita State University’s School of Social Work prepares students to enter one of the most challenging yet rewarding professions in the field of human services. The School offers accredited master’s and bachelor’s degrees that benefit from the university’s location in the largest city in the state. Students may take advantage of a number of resources for their practicum placements in both the rural and urban metropolitan surrounding areas.


The Master of Social Work degree program is designed to educate students for advanced generalist practice in the field of social work. The advanced generalist has indirect practice capabilities in the areas of evaluation, program development, administration, and supervision as well as direct service delivery with communities, groups, families, and individuals. The regular degree program consists of 63 credit hours and can be completed in four years on a part-time basis or in two years on a full-time basis. Students must have an undergraduate degree in social work in order to be accepted into the advanced program, and advanced standing students will be required to complete 37 credit hours of coursework. Coursework will include foundations of generalist practice, social welfare and analysis, applied social work research, and advocacy and social justice. In addition, students are required to complete field practicum courses, which are supervised hands-on classes in a social work setting.


  • Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)


1845 Fairmount St.

Box 154

Wichita, KS 67260

(316) 978-7250

In order to seek employment as a social worker in Kansas, students must first obtain licensure from the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board. After completing your application, you will receive a temporary six-month license while you wait to take the exam. Once you pass the exam,you can work as a Licensed Master Social Worker. If certification is important, it’s critical that you thoroughly research the various master’s in social work degree programs in Kansas to ensure that earning your degree will allow you to sit for the examination.

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