Master’s in Social Work Degree Programs in Idaho

Accredited social work degree programs in Idaho can help you make the transition from one field of study to the field of social work and help you get your license to practice and become a professional social worker in the state. Licensed social workers usually need at least a master’s degree and some fieldwork experience, which is why the top programs require that you do some fieldwork. You may have the option of working in different settings across two or more years or doing all your fieldwork in your final year. These programs have concentrations too that teach you more about specific areas of practice.

Boise State University

College of Health Sciences

Though many people think of Idaho as a smaller state, the population of Boise rises significantly when school is in session. Boise State University, which is one of the main public colleges in Idaho, has an enrollment of more than 22,000. More than 2,000 of those students are postgraduates enrolled in its graduate and doctoral programs. Founded as Boise Junior College in the 1930s, it was later Boise College and then Boise State College. The state voted and approved its university status in the 1970s. Forbes ranked BSU as one of the top colleges in the country, and Washington Monthly called the Boise State graduate school as one of the top options for students.

Master of Social Work

Boise State University offers several of the accredited social work degree programs in Idaho. It offers students the option of choosing between programs on its main campus in Boise, a program on one of its regional campuses or an online MSW program. The program available on the main campus is an accredited program that started in 1991. This is a Great Value program because Boise State keeps costs low. There is an advanced standing program available to those with professional work experience and/or those who took graduate social work classes. It allows students to complete an MSW in one year. BSU also has a traditional program that takes two years to finish. MSW students take 43 credits of classes and gain 18 credits for the fieldwork that they do. You will need to complete at least 1,000 hours of fieldwork before you can graduate.

BSU has advanced standing programs that allow those with more experience and knowledge of social work topics to finish an MSW in a shorter period of time. Many students can finish one of these degrees in right around a year. Advanced standing students can apply to the main campus or one of the regional campuses. BSU campuses in Twin Falls, Coeur d’Alene and Lewiston all offer advanced standing programs and classes.

SR Education Group ranked the BSU online MSW program one of the most affordable MSW programs and one of the most accessible programs in the country. Though other online programs are available from other schools, this is one of the only programs without a residency component. You can get your degree without visiting the campus even once.

Students spend the first year of the program taking foundation courses before taking specialized courses. Foundation courses include social work practice, ethnicity, gender and class, human development, social work research and social dimensions of human behavior. You will take classes on interventions and other advanced topics in your second year and complete your fieldwork.


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Northwest Nazarene University

Department of Social Work

Northwest Nazarene University is one of the only private colleges in Idaho. Founded in 1913 as the Idaho Holiness School, it offered both classes for elementary and younger students as well as Bible classes for older students. It became Northwest Holiness College just a few years later and shifted its focus to the education of older students. Adding liberal arts courses to its curriculum led to the college changing names yet again. In 1999, the college changed its name once again and officially became Northwest Nazarene University. Enrollment at the university hovers around 2,000 students, but this lower number lets NNU keep its ratio of students to professors low.

Master of Social Work

When applying to the MSW program that Northwest Nazarene University offers, you need to determine whether you are an advanced standing or a generalist student. Generalist students are those who have a college degree in a field other than social work. These students will need to take some foundation and introductory courses before starting the MSW program. Advanced standing students include those who have degrees in social work and those who took a large number of social work and/or sociology courses as an undergrad. If you are a generalist student, you cannot pick a concentration until you complete all necessary foundation courses.

The two concentrations available in this program are clinical mental health and addictions and integrated clinical and community practice. Its clinical mental health and addictions concentration is a good choice for those who want to work in treatment and rehabilitation centers, while the integrated practice concentration is better for those who want to work directly with patients in clinical settings like a community health center.

As one of the highest ranked and accredited social work degree programs in Idaho, the program at NNU requires that students take specific classes relating to their concentrations. The clinical mental health and addictions concentration includes courses like clinical social work with families and community mental health. If you choose the community practice option, you’ll take courses that include grant writing and medical terminology. Northwest Nazarene University expects MSW students to do fieldwork during the program and can place you in a treatment center, hospital, government agency or nonprofit organization.


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Though a bachelor of social work is all that you need to work in some areas, you will likely find that you need your MSW before you can move into a leadership role or a position that pays more money. The top accredited social work degree programs in Idaho make it easy for you to gain the knowledge, skills and experience that you will need in the social work field.

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