Master of Social Work Degree Programs in Arizona

The students who graduate from the top Master’s in Social Work degree programs in Arizona each year help those who have difficulties and troubles. These issues can range from patients leaving the hospital who are unsure of what to do when they get home to the victims of domestic abuse. Earning your MSW is mandatory for working in certain facilities and can help you increase your annual income too. Before you enroll in any of these programs, it’s helpful to take a look at some of the required classes that you’ll take and some of the things you can do with your degree.

Arizona State University

Founded in 1885, Arizona State University is the main college that students think of when they think of the state. Though it has a reputation as a party school, it requires that all prospective students complete a detailed application and will only accept a set number of students each year. The university has five campuses in Arizona and launched ASU Online to reach students living in other states. U.S. News & World Report ranked its social work program as the 32nd best in the country and ranked ASU itself as the 129nd best college in the United States.

Social Work – Standard Program

One of the top Master’s in Social Work degree programs in Arizona is this Standard Program available through ASU. This program requires that students take 45 credits of courses and complete either a portfolio, a thesis or an applied project. Students also have the option of taking a capstone class. Though you will take standard courses in your first year, you’ll then pick a concentration in direct practice, generalist or policy, administration and community practice and take courses built around that concentration in your second year. ASU offers this Standard Program as a part-time option for those who cannot enroll on a full-time basis.

Social Work – Advanced Standing – Generalist Program

Available on its downtown Phoenix campus, this Social Work – Advanced Standing – Generalist Program is a program designed for those who have a BSW and some social work experience. Students will take two seminars worth six credits total over the fall semester to bridge the gap between undergrad and graduate work. They must take 11 classes worth 33 credits, including advanced social work practice and ethics, policy practice and advanced generalist social work practice. All social work students must also do some type of applied project before graduating, and ASU can help students find an internship too.

Social Work – Advanced Standing – Planning, Administration and Community Practice Program

If you want to work with larger groups of people and help an entire community or population, the ASU Social Work – Advanced Standing – Planning, Administration and Community Practice Program might be the best choice for you. Designed for those who already have some social work experience, this program requires that students take three seminars over the summer and then enroll full-time in the fall. You’ll take courses on social work administration, program evaluation and community participation strategies. All the work you do culminates in a thesis or a final portfolio that you do at the end of your studies.

Social Work – Advanced Standing – Direct Practice Program

Available through the College of Public Service and Community Solutions, the Social Work – Advanced Standing – Direct Practice Program that ASU offers holds classes on its campus in downtown Phoenix. Designed for those who want to work directly with clients, it has concentrations available in health an behavioral health, public child welfare and children, youth and families. You must take 27 credits of courses from within your concentration as well as nine credits of summer seminar classes. ASU also requires that you take an integrative seminar in your last semester. All classes run for just eight weeks instead of the traditional 16-week courses that other colleges offer.

Online Master of Social Work

ASU understands that many students work full-time jobs and cannot afford to quit their jobs or work fewer hours, which is why it now offers an Online Master of Social Work through its ASU Online system. You’ll take 15 classes that run for just 7.5 weeks each that are worth a total of 45 credits. The Field Education Office within the School of Social Work will help you find a place to work in your region to help you complete the 960 hours of fieldwork experience required for graduation. Many of the courses available are the same as those found in the Standard Program and will give you a familiarity with social work issues such as working with diverse populations and social work ethics.


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ASU offers a number of opportunities for those who want to study social work. There is even an online program that lets you take classes to complete an MSW while working in a social work agency. The top Master’s in Social Work degree programs in Arizona are all available from Arizona State University.

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