Earning A Social Work Degree Online

If you’ve been thinking of becoming a social worker, but do not have the time to dedicate to going to a traditional school, then earning a social work degree online can help you achieve your dream without disrupting your current life. If you are interested in this career path, but are unsure of the different types of jobs a social worker may hold, then learning more about the positions available to a social worker can help with the decision.

Earning A Social Work Degree Online

The Function of a Social Worker

On a basic level, social work is entirely based around mental health. A social worker is there to help people through difficult times in their lives and to improve their level of social function. Often faced with the harsh realities people face throughout their lives, a social worker is required to have a vast knowledge of cultural, economic and social institutions, as well as a deep understanding of human development and behavior. For entry-level work, a social worker must have a bachelor’s degree in sociology, psychology or an associated field. More advanced positions, such as supervisors or researchers, require a doctorate in social work.

The 3 Types of Social Work

Child, Family, and School: This is the most commonly associated type of social worker. This type of social worker handles finding homes for children who are either abused, neglected or placed for adoption. It also helps teach parents to better care for their children as well as dealing with children who face issues in school.

Medical and Public Health: This type of social work involves helping those who are sick or suffer from a long-term illness. This includes giving advice about dealing with their ailment as well as finding services to aid in recuperation.

Mental Health: Often labeled as clinical social workers, this position involves helping those with mental illnesses. This includes therapy for any mental inability caused by drug or alcohol abuse.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

Acquiring a bachelor’s degree in social work, also known as a B.S.W., will permit you to begin entry-level work and also a few direct service positions. While pursuing this degree, whether your’e at a physical campus, or earning your social work degree online, some expected areas of study include social work practice, the history and philosophy of the field, and human behavior theory.

In addition to the B.S.W., those wishing to become a social worker will be required to pass an examination that will be monitored by the Association of Social Work Boards. While the requirements vary from state to state, the exam will usually include 170 multiple-choice questions. Once this exam has been passed, you will be free to pursue employment as a social worker.

For most people that are fresh out of college, an annual salary of around $30,000 can be expected. Of course, your pay will be dependent on your level of education and experience, so earning a higher degree will increase your earning potential.

Start Earning A Social Work Degree Online Today

If you believe that this field is for you, then get started on earning a social work degree online by researching the various schools that offer a bachelor’s degree online and begin your journey to helping others.

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