How to Become A Social Worker

How to Become A Social WorkerAre you a person who cares about human behavior and social welfare and are you looking for information about how to become a social worker? The aim of this article is to explain and discuss the various requirements of being a social worker with a focus on education and experience. Due to the demanding profession of a social worker, skill sets and personality traits of a successful social worker will also be looked at. While this article will not go into every detail about how to become a social worker, it will sufficiently express the over-arching qualifications and requirements of being a social worker, even from state to state.

What Is A Social Worker?

Social workers are professionals who are trained to help people deal with the problems of everyday life. The specific job duties of a social worker may include things such as: diagnosing and evaluating behavioral problems, helping clients adjust to changes and following up with clients to make sure that the situations have improved. Additionally, some social workers are also trained to work with patients who have problems with addiction.

How To Become A Social Worker

A Bachelor’s degree in a field such as sociology is the minimum education that is required to work in the field of social work. However, people who are interested in becoming a licensed social worker are required to have a Master’s degree. They are also required to become licensed. Licensure requirements can vary, but almost all states require that a person get 3000 hours of experience in the field of social work and take a licensing examination. The Association of Social Work Boards is the organization that is responsible for licensing social workers.

While majoring in a social science is a requirement for being a social worker, many prospective employers look for other things when determining who to hire. For example, employers tend to recognize those who have interned with an agency that primarily deals with a social work kind of environment. Examples of this can be a school’s counseling office or even a children’s hospital, specifically the therapy ward. Another example of something that stands out to prospective employers is research within the field of social work. Due to its constantly developing nature, social work is often influenced by new advancements in the field. These advancements are often implemented as soon as possible as a means to achieve the best social care possible. For this very reason, employers really like those who have research experience because not only can they conduct social work research themselves, but they are also very accepting of changes in social work too. Participating in research is how to become a social worker on the cutting edge of social work advancements.

Necessary Skills Of A Social Worker

Compassion is one of the most important skills that every social worker should have. This job requires that a person work with people who are facing troubled situations. Additionally, social workers also need to be organized and have excellent time management skills.

On the job experience is how to become a social worker with the best chance for employment. As far as work experience is concerned, employers do not necessarily require that you have experience in the precise field of social work. Employers want to see that you can follow direction and can complete tasks in a timely manner. Also, employers want to see that you are good with interacting with children as this is a crucial part of what social workers do. Experience as a school teacher or babysitter, or anything dealing with children for that matter, really stands out when it comes to securing a social work position. Those aspiring to become social workers must also have a great deal of patience and confidence, as your abilities will be tested every day.

Now that you know how to become a social worker, you can now get started on what promises to be a rewarding career.

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