What Can You Do With A Minor In Social Work?

The minor in social work is an important step for many people who wish to ensure they are moving to the career they want, and they will learn quite a lot about accreditation at the next level of their education. This article explains how the minor in an undergraduate program may lead to great things in the future. Anyone who is interested in the field may begin to study the sort of work they may do, and they will find many options open to them when they receive their minor in social work.

What Is A Minor In Social Work?

The minor in social work is a steeping stone that may be combined with another degree before graduation. There are quite a few counseling and psychology students who will get a minor in the field, and they will determine what their next step must be when they apply to graduate school. The minor has less required classes than a major, and it will offer a broad base of information that may be used in schooling in the future.

What Does The Minor Do For Accreditation At The Next Level?

Someone with a minor in social work may parlay the degree into a graduate study in social work, or they may go into psychology, counseling or public service. There are quite a few careers that may be had with even a small amount of training in social work, and someone who wishes to enter any related field will benefit from the classes they took. The degree may not be desirable to certain schools for a master’s degree in social work, but it is quite helpful for many other degrees.

Where Do Graduates Work?

Social work graduates will find a number of careers in public service that include counseling and outreach. There are quite a few people needed to ensure the public is safe, healthy and cared for, and they are hired from the pool of graduates who have training in social work. The pool of candidates is narrowed further when another degree is combined with the minor in social work, and there are several different certification programs that may be used to enhance the profile of the worker.

How Long Does The Program Last?

Someone who wishes to complete work for the minor in social work will note it takes up about a year to a year and a half of their undergraduate degree. There are fewer required classes, but quite a lot is taught in that time. Someone who wishes to change their minor or add it to their program may fit it in, and they may find it is the perfect thing to add when they wish to go to graduate school for something such as social work.

The process of going into social work or a related field begins when someone chooses to take something such as the minor in social work. They may begin a new life that is focused on helping people, and they will find a number of accreditation options that will help them reach out to those who are in need of help. The helping professions need more people entering the field every day, and a minor in the area of social work may be the ideal choice.

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