What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work?

When most people hear the term “social work” they often think of the social worker. While this is a just relation, social workers represent only one of the many roles played by those schooled in this particular discipline. For those with corresponding bachelor’s degrees, there are many career options available. Here are some great choices.

Case Manager

Possibly one of the most direct representations of social work is offered by today’s case manager. The case manager manages the overall cases of many people needing various forms of assistance. One case manager may work in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, managing individual cases of those overcoming addiction. On the other hand, another type of case worker may work for a local social services agency, overseeing welfare benefits and the betterment of individuals in the community.

Social Worker

This is the career most thought-of when there is any mention of social working endeavor. The social worker is an integral part of helping people at ground-level in the private and public forums. Here, the worker meets with and provides resources for those in need in the community. They may also organize community events and even oversee discharge plans for successful patients in group homes. Because of the multitude and value of its services, this field will only continue its current coarse of greatness in overall job outlooks. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (http://www.bls.gov/ooh/community-and-social-service/social-workers.htm#tab-6) cites this job field as growing at a current rate of 12%, far faster than most other vocations.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Substance abuse counselors work directly in counseling those with substance abuse issues. They may work with in-patient or out-patient programs, or both. The counselor directly meets with those in need, offers counseling and resources, may hold meetings similar to NA or AA, and may sometimes administer drug testing to individuals under their care. The bachelor’s degree in social working is a perfect qualifier for this career.


Mentors are professionals employed privately and publicly to mentor and guide those in need. Most commonly, such services are directed at children and adolescents, but adults may sometimes be mentored as well. The mentor provides professional guidance to the person at risk. This can be done through a multitude of avenues including counseling, therapy services, attendance at court hearings and important events, school involvement, and even personal development planning. No matter the methods used, mentors provide a valuable service to those needing some additional direction in life.

Behavioral Development Director

In all of the organizations and businesses we have mentioned so far, there is a need for greater organization at the upper levels of management. The behavioral development director does just this, overseeing the greater operations and goals of said agencies. This important role confers with trustees and ownership regarding all levels of operations and methodology. From here, maintenance or changes in operations are initiated and delegated to the entire agency. All operations fall under the careful watch of the behavioral development director.

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These five careers are an excellent choice in the field of social working. They are also excellent options for those with a passion for helping others. Along with shining job outlooks, it is quite accurate to say that the promise offered by your bachelor’s degree in social work is a great one for years to come.