Should I Join CSWE as a Social Worker?

With so many different occupational field-related memberships to choose from in Social Work, some professionals in the field are questioning whether or not they should join the CSWE. The CSWE is the Council on Social Work in Education and is considered the leading association on a national level that currently represents social work education programs, social work educators, active practitioners, and related agencies.

Not everyone is a good fit for membership with CSWE. Since there is a monetary cost to joining, it’s up to you to browse through all of the professional associations and choose the options you’re eligible for and the options where being a member will pay off in the long run. Here are some of the reasons you should join the CWSE:

Professionals in Social Work Who Want to Be Leaders

The entire mission of the CSWE is to play a major role in enhancing the quality of social work education in both practical and individual settings. One way that this is done is by not just setting, but also maintaining the accreditation standards that are used today to evaluate and oversee all social work programs. The association also helps with faculty development and connects professionals from all across the globe.

Anyone who wants to be a leader in social work education could benefit from signing up for a CSWE membership. One of the biggest ways that members can demonstrate their leadership abilities is by becoming a CSWE Commissioner or Councilor. Nominees can be nominated by other members or nominate themselves. To be appointed to the commission or council, the nominee would need to become a CSWE member.

Become a Reviewer with the Journal of Social Work Education

The Journal of Social Education is a journal that covers topics like social welfare and advances in the quality of education in social work. It is a referred journal where the information that is exchanged is reviewed at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels.

As a member of the CSWE, you can exercise your wants to become a journal author. You must have an active membership before you can submit your manuscript to the JSWE. The submission process is fairly easy as they can be submitted online via the ScholarOne system. Members who don’t want to work as an author but who would like to referee content and the manuscripts that are submitted in an effort to improve the journal and the content submitted by faculty have the option to become reviewers by sending in a letter to the journal.

Access to Education Resources

When you have a passion for social work and for enhancing the quality of education in the field, you never want to stop learning. It’s reasonable to assume that education is at the forefront of priorities within an association where the association’s focus is all on social work education. Members will have access to education resources to assist with curriculum development, setting policy, and assessing students.

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As you can see, there are benefits to joining the CSWE. If you meet the requirements to join as an individual member, you can fill out the application online, print, and submit with your payment to the CSWE address online. The CSWE fees will be worth the benefits for those who want to propel their career in social work education.