What Are Some Non-Profit Social Work Jobs?

Non-profit Social WorkNon-profit social work jobs let you work for charities and organizations that provide support for the community. Those organizations are not-for-profit, which means the groups use the funds they receive to pay the salaries of workers and to support the services that they offer. Any additional funds raised go right back into the organization. Some non-profit jobs require a graduate degree in social work, but other jobs are open to those with an undergraduate degree who pass the licensing requirements in the state.

Child Protective Services Case Worker

Child Protective Services, also known as CPS, is a program designed to help children who are the victims of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Case workers are the ones who go into the field and investigate claims of abuse reported by teachers, doctors, neighbors and even the friends and family members of victims. They meet with both parents and the children, and they help families stay together whenever possible. Case workers may require parents to attend anger management programs or parenting classes to help them improve their lives and the lives of their children. If they find signs of abuse, they work with government agencies to remove those children from their homes and find new homes for them.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Non-profit social work jobs are sometimes available through substance abuse treatment centers. Though some facilities are for-profit and ask patients to pay high fees to attend, other programs are free for those who fall below the poverty line and those who have no health insurance. Social workers in those centers provide therapy and operate group therapy sessions that let addicts talk about their problems with those in similar situations. They may also offer individual therapy and provide patients with resources that they can use after completing the program.

Patient Counselor

Patient counselors work in medical clinics and community centers. Many of those clinics help those with a limited income and those without health insurance receive the medical care that they need. Patient counselors work with those patients to ensure that they understand what comes next and what they need to do after meeting with a doctor. They might work with patients to find discounted medications, provide referrals for psychiatrists and other doctors who accept patients on a sliding scale basis or offer follow up care through a traveling nurse.

Community Advocate

Many of the non-profit social work jobs are available through community centers. A community advocate is just one example of the type of jobs available in those centers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, community health workers make a median salary of $41,830 a year and the need for these workers will increase in the future. Community advocates meet with those living in the area and host classes and sessions designed to help them realize that they need to make changes to their lifestyles and eating habits. Advocates can also lead fundraising efforts and write grant proposals to help the center gain money to pay for the services that it offers.

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Social work jobs are available in both the private and public sector, and state, local and federal governments hire a number of social workers ever year. The number of graduates accepting non-profit social work jobs as child abuse advocates, community advocates and counselors continues increasing with each passing year.