Can I Get a Scholarship to Complete an MSW Degree?

Earning an MSW degree costs students more than just time. In addition to spending nights and weekends on studies, students must cover thousands of dollars in educational expenses just to enroll in a Master’s degree program. Some students will pay for their tuition as they go, others will finance the expenses and pay high-interest rates later. Either way, attending a graduate program can get expensive.

Fortunately, there are solutions for students who take the time to research their time to research funding options for graduate school. One of the best options for students who have proven to academically succeed as an undergrad is to apply for a scholarship that will pay for tuition, supplied, lodging, and more. Here is what you need to know about scholarships to help pay for an MSW degree:

Applying for Graduate Degree Scholarships

High school students aspiring to enter college and current undergrads shouldn’t have any problems locating and applying for scholarships that help pay to earn a 2-year and 4-year degree. Unfortunately, the opportunities that are available for students who are going to study beyond their Bachelor’s degree start to shrink as you spend more time in school.

Preparing to Search for an MSW Scholarship

When you are looking for a scholarship to earn a Master’s in Social Work, you have to look specifically for opportunities meant to be used in grad school. You will also have to meet the requirements set by the board or the society as an undergrad. You may be asked to provide your transcript and evidence that you have been a part of improving your community. Some of the awards offered by scholarship funds and professional organizations will be merit-based while others will be strictly needs-based.

Where to Look

There are a few different places that prospective MSW students can look for good scholarships. The first place to start searching would be through the school itself. Either the department head or the student affairs office should be able to direct students in the right direction for school-specific opportunities that apply to your MSW major.

Another option would be to look for the scholarships being posted by community organizations in your area. Many local governments have a scholarship fund and post opportunities each year. These are far less competitive than scholarships that you can apply for at a national level because you must be a resident of the city to qualify.

Applying for National Scholarships

The last option would be for students to apply for a national scholarship. This could be through a scholarship fund that stresses the importance of social work practice or through a relevant professional association like the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). While competition is fierce for these awards, there are several different funds to choose from dedicated to students pursuing positions in social work.

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It is possible to qualify for a scholarship to help pay for an MSW degree. In most cases, the award will only pay for a portion of the costs. It is up to the student to determine how they will fund the rest of the expenses while attending school. Make sure to compare different MSW scholarship criteria, plug deadlines into your calendar, and submit an application and essay tailored to the questions asked by the foundation.