Are There Podcasts for Social Workers?

Podcasts are a fantastic way to stay current with what’s going on in your field. Many people might not be aware that there are podcasts for every interest including social work. Podcasts for social workers allow students and practitioners to continue growing, and they introduce new ideas for social workers while they’re on-the-go. You can listen to podcasts on the way to work, on the way to meet clients or during down time at night. Social workers are often the bad guy in many situations, so it’s great when podcasts for social workers can create a sense of inclusion and community with other social workers. They provide information for students aside from accreditation programs, so they can get a taste of the real-life practice too.

1. The Social Work Podcast

As one of the first pioneers of social work and podcasting, Dr. Singer covers a wide variety of issues and concerns to the social work community. He covers topics like learning to work abroad as a social worker, recovery high schools for teens and the challenges for social work. He interviews experts and practitioners in the field so there’s always a topic that will find an audience.

2. Selling the Couch

With over 150 reviews of 5 stars and more than 200,000 downloads, Selling the Couch is a noteworthy podcast. It’s been featured on Psychology Today and Good Therapy. While the host, Melvin Varghese, is a psychologist, he’s down to earth and is looking to help private practitioners find balance as well as create income for themselves from a variety of sources. The podcast has topics like maternal mental health, building a practice around your passion and how to change careers to start a private practice.

3. Practice of the Practice

Joe Sanok covers a variety of business topics that help to run your social working private practice like how to start your own, marketing and developing a niche in the business. The podcast has interviews with interesting experts and practitioners on things like how to plan your goals and how to slow down. Along with the podcast, there’s a blog and the chance to have a private consultation with Joe about your business. If you become a fan, you’re able to continue with other content on the site like the blog where he shares his monthly income reports. It’s a great inspiration for those who want to invest in their private practice.

4. InSocialWork

The podcast is affiliated with the University of Buffalo School of Social Work and has interviews with notables names in the field. They cover topics like the impact of trauma later in life, gamification in social work education and integrating mindfulness into your practice. There are over 200 episodes for the social work student or practitioner to enjoy on the site.

Podcasts for social workers allow them to be lifelong learners as well as providing them with ways to keep themselves current with the changing world around them. These podcasts are fantastic for those who are considering social work, social workers who have been practicing for years or professionals who are transitioning to their own practice.

While there’s accreditation for information heard through professors in the classroom, there’s no limit to the information that can be learned through these podcasts, which gives students a real glimpse into the world of social work.

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